Around 90% of the carpets in modern homes are light coloured. In many cases this is a good choice as it makes a room light and gives an impression of space. Also much of what falls on carpets, cotton, dust etc is light in colour. However red wine, tea and coffee are the arch enemies of cream carpets.

Our stain removal service is included if we are cleaning a whole room for you. But we can come out just to remove stains. Over many years of experience we now have the best stain removers from a wide range of cleaning suppliers.

If you spill something on the carpet this is our advice

Absorb as much of the stain as you can with white kitchen roll. Stand on the kitchen roll to apply more pressure and absorb the stain. This is your goal to get the spill out of the carpet.  Don’t dilute it or spread it.

Blot the stain using a damp white towel. Work from the outside in. Do not over wet the stain.

Call us for advice. We can usually remove stains if a customer calls us first. Often if multiple products have been applied first the stain becomes set.

Ask us for a stain remover. We can supply one that doesn’t contain soap or foam and will not leave a white patch or bleach the colour from the carpet.